Take Me Back to the Island
The video was filmed on Wayalailai Island in Fiji during a recent round the world trip.
I was inspired to make this video for a number of reasons, firstly I wanted to capture the happiness and simplicity of life on a Fijian Island and secondly I honestly believe there is nowhere happier on earth. The people in Fiji joke that they operate on “Fiji Time” which can be summed up as, “Don’t worry about time; it will eventually get done, and if it doesn’t, it is not a big deal”.
My all time favorite band, Idlewild, have a song I particularly like called “Take me back to the Island”. The song is all about the joys of Island life and although it is most likely written about the Scottish Islands, where members of the band live, I felt the lyrics were just as relevant to the idyllic life on a Fijian Island. I was over the moon when Idlewild gave their support to me using the song.
I had this song in mind when I approached the head man on the Island; Big Bill. Bill was thrilled by the idea of me filming a video on the Island. As it happened we were staying there at a perfect time as a wedding was taking place with two of the local Islanders. This wedding was particularly special because it was the first time two people from the same village on the Island were getting married for over 20 years. Bill asked if I would be able to film some of the wedding, I was more than happy to oblige. 
So here is the result. A glimpse into village life and a snapshot of how simple can be utterly beautiful. Maybe life is better lived on ‘Fiji time’. 
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