Here's a psychedelic music video I shot with my old university mate and Flamingods' projectionist, Niall Trask. The video takes inspiration from 1970's Children's Television and early Werner Herzog films.

Niall and I combined ideas and came up with the concept of having a lost explorer in the Jungle.

Using 8mm, digital, illustration, paint, crayons and pens, the video explores a number of different mediums, as we look for Jungle Birds.

The track is one of the highlights from the band’s new album ‘Majesty’, out now on Soundway Records. The video is being debuted ahead of a string of tour dates.

Directed & Produced by Niall Trask (
Director of Photography: Andy Little (
Illustrator: Alice Tams (
Camera Assistant: Francesco Ferrari
Post-Production & Design by Niall Trask
Titles: Raimund Wong
Thanks: Caroline Dunne, Howard Primary School, Hannah Eggleston, Mike Carr, Annie Norman, Suren Seneviratne, Theo Ereira-Guyer
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