A story of love, loss and a list.

David Gledhill wrote a film script about losing his soulmate. Then he lost his soulmate. Then he made the film. Here's his story:http://goodtimefilm.tumblr.com/storys...

The first feature film from Kerry Harrison and David Gledhill. I was luky enough to be involved in this amazing project from an early stage. I spent two weeks with an amazing crew acting as one of three camera operators (joined by the amazing  Alex Keyte and Kerry Harrison)
Im really proud of my involvement with this film as it features some of my nicest work to date. Under the leadership of the amazingly talented Mr Harrison and Mr Gledhill we managed to create a beautiful film.
Find out more about the film here...
Twitter: @GoodTimeFilm #GoodTimeFilm
Kerry Harrison – Director, DOP, Camera, Producer
David Gledhill – Writer, Producer
Sam Allen – ‘David’
Kelly Wenham – ‘Liz’
Simon Atherton – ‘Steve’
Eggbert Wenham – ‘Barry’
Debby Lewis Harrison – Waitress
Tessa Sowry - ‘Sophie’
Madeleine Hughes – Campsite Woman

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